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Spotlight on Memberships!

With over 45 classes per week at San Francisco Pole and Dance, it’s hard to know where to start when looking at the different membership options that we have to offer. In this post, we break down the different membership options so that you can choose the membership best for you!   Open Pole Membership. The open pole membership is for all students who want extra, unhosted training time...

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Where We Began

  I found this piece of paper tucked into the back pocket of an old Moleskin. It was my ‘Master Plan’ for San Francisco Pole and Dance, drawn in December 2016, when the studio was in an old space, just half the size of our current one. Now that we’ve been in our new space for half a year, it feels like home. Performances have been created in it,...

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On Being Gloriously Terrible

Hi Dancers! One of my favorite quotes is from radio personality Alex Blumberg.  On a recent episode of Startup Podcast, he says; “There is no succeeding without sucking. You’ve got to suck and then learn how you sucked and then resuck so you suck less and that’s the only way to get good at anything.” – Alex Blumberg     While Bloomberg was talking about hosting a podcast, the...

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Cute Pole Outfits Beyond Bad Kitty Pole Fit

One of the first questions I get from new pole dancers is ‘Where do I get cute pole outfits?’ There are a few big companies such as Bad Kitty, but some of my favorite pole dancing outfits come from small businesses that sell pole specific outfits – by pole dancers, for pole dancers. Here are my top 5 right now. 1. Bendy Kate I discovered Bendy Kate’s gorgeous pole...

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