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Spotlight on Memberships!

With over 45 classes per week at San Francisco Pole and Dance, it’s hard to know where to start when looking at the different membership options that we have to offer. In this post, we break down the different membership options so that you can choose the membership best for you!   Open Pole Membership. The open pole membership is for all students who want extra, unhosted training time during non-class times. Open pole gives students access to the studio between 2-4pm most weekdays to work on combos, tricks, flow and choreography learned in class. This open pole time is often unhosted, giving students the flexibility to enjoy the studio space as if it were your own. This membership is ideal for anyone who can make it to the studio on weekday afternoons and who wants to spend time polishing outside of classes. Cost: $60/mo. with membership auto-renewal —– Studio Access Membership. The studio access membership is the only membership where you can develop your own training schedule. Studio access members get full access to the studio everyday between 7am-10pm, 7 days a week in all spaces where classes are not booked. Upon sign-up, all studio access members must attend […]

Where We Began

  I found this piece of paper tucked into the back pocket of an old Moleskin. It was my ‘Master Plan’ for San Francisco Pole and Dance, drawn in December 2016, when the studio was in an old space, just half the size of our current one. Now that we’ve been in our new space for half a year, it feels like home. Performances have been created in it, friendships fostered and buried into, new tricks and fears conquered. It in fact, is home.  What an amazing reminder that this life moves tornado fast, sweeping up old realities and then dropping us *plop* into new ones. All we can do is hold on tight, try to slow down long enough to smile with awe as we look upon the beautiful things we create and the incredible people who help us create them. 

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On Being Gloriously Terrible

Hi Dancers! One of my favorite quotes is from radio personality Alex Blumberg.  On a recent episode of Startup Podcast, he says; “There is no succeeding without sucking. You’ve got to suck and then learn how you sucked and then resuck so you suck less and that’s the only way to get good at anything.” – Alex Blumberg     While Bloomberg was talking about hosting a podcast, the advice is applicable to so many things….including pole dancing. When I teach my Foundations level pole dance classes at San Francisco Pole and Dance, I start my classes off with the same pep talk. I tell my students that while they are each beautiful, unique, talented, and wonderful human beings, the fact of the matter is that they are going to go out there on the dance floor and they are going to try something that they likely aren’t very good at. They are going to try climbing and very quickly realize that OMG, it hurts! because the pole tugs at the skin. They are going to walk around the pole and most likely feel like they are learning to walk again for the very first time because they are learning […]

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Cute Pole Outfits Beyond Bad Kitty Pole Fit

One of the first questions I get from new pole dancers is ‘Where do I get cute pole outfits?’ There are a few big companies such as Bad Kitty, but some of my favorite pole dancing outfits come from small businesses that sell pole specific outfits – by pole dancers, for pole dancers. Here are my top 5 right now. 1. Bendy Kate I discovered Bendy Kate’s gorgeous pole line at Pole Expo this year where she hosted a vendor booth. The pieces match her aesthetic – ballerina-esque, sophisticated pieces often treated in lace, a high waist and thoughtful construction. According to her site, Bendy Kate founded her Bendy Brand with “the aim to produce athletic wear and training equipment which truly combines style and function. Who better to design fitness clothing than the athletes themselves!” We could not agree more. My personal favorite set is this Marvel lace red edition set that comes with a halter style top that buttons behind the neck and high waisted shorts that double as a back warmer. To purchase this outfit and others like it, visit the Bendy Kate website here. Most pieces range from £36.00 – £42.00. 2. Vekker – Tiffany Jane Collection […]

Pole Trick of the Month: Inside Leg Hang/Gemini, i.e. #pdinsideleghang

  This month’s move of the month is inside leg hang, also known as scorpio or gemini. You can search Instagram for variations of this move by searching #pdinsideleghang #pdgemini or #pdscorpio Check out a video of instructor Amy, performing the basic instruction for an outside leg hang. A couple of things to note: As you perform your inversion, you should keep your outside hand on top, but no higher than your eyebrows. A lot of beginners have a tendency to reach too high, which actually makes this move harder to nail. Once you’ve performed your inversion, lift your hips up so that you don’t get your top hand stuck under your leg on the pole. The hip lift helps get your hips over your hand so that you can drop your hand in an elegant and clean manner. Aim to straighten your back leg as far back behind you and as straight as possible. May beginner level students have a tendency to leave that back leg too high in the air. If you pretend like you are trying to prance your back leg to the ground with a straight knee and a pointed toe, you will be more likely […]