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Allison Hudson

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Allison Hudson grew up in Houston, Texas and moved to the Bay Area in 2010. She loves singing, pole dancing, teaching pole and spending time with her beloved friends and family. She has been a competitive athlete all of her life in swimming, soccer, golf and cheerleading and discovered pole dancing at age 32 after having her first born son and gaining 60 pounds that wouldn’t come off.

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Tricks Clinic


Ok pole monkeys...It’s time for you to bring out the inner Trickster!! Bring your pole resolutions to class and your instructor will help you breakdown the fundamentals to unlock success! We will also work on some of the latest tricks going around the interwebs to build our repertoire and develop strength techniques, all to get you ready to conquer new pole challenges. Each class will end with a freestyle so we can practice everything we've learned!

  • Pole Combos
  • Spin Pole
  • Handsprings