Colleen marie instructor at sf pole and dance

Colleen Marie


Colleen started her aerial career at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts training fabric, rope, trapeze and lyra. Throughout her time in Philadelphia she would frequent California to train at various circus schools to broaden her scope of learning. This practice allowed her to gain versatility in her aerial movement, something she still presently values. Much like Colleen herself, her classes are playful and focus on the beauty of body movement. Having a love for performing, she structures her class in a way where students are learning fundamental aerial moves, all while gaining the confidence to turn them into sequences. Her mission as an instructor and human being is to create a judge free environment where students are excited and comfortable exploring new types of movement.

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Upcoming Classes

Aerial Silks


This aerial silks class is for intermediate students! In this class, you'll build upon foundations learned in the beginner class. Please wear leggings and a bodysuit or a shirt that you can tuck into your pants.

  • Basic Foot Lock
  • Russian Climb
  • Passe