Where We Began

  I found this piece of paper tucked into the back pocket of an old Moleskin. It was my ‘Master […]

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On Being Gloriously Terrible

Hi Dancers! One of my favorite quotes is from radio personality Alex Blumberg.  On a recent episode of Startup Podcast, […]

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Cute Pole Outfits Beyond Bad Kitty Pole Fit

One of the first questions I get from new pole dancers is ‘Where do I get cute pole outfits?’ There […]

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Pole Trick of the Month: Inside Leg Hang/Gemini, i.e. #pdinsideleghang

  This month’s move of the month is inside leg hang, also known as scorpio or gemini. You can search […]

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FAQ: What should I wear to pole class?

          The number one question new students ask before coming to San Francisco Pole and Dance, is […]

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