One of the first questions I get from new pole dancers is ‘Where do I get cute pole outfits?’ There are a few big companies such as Bad Kitty, but some of my favorite pole dancing outfits come from small businesses that sell pole specific outfits – by pole dancers, for pole dancers.

Here are my top 5 right now.

1. Bendy Kate

Bendy Kate Red Marvel Lace collection

I discovered Bendy Kate’s gorgeous pole line at Pole Expo this year where she hosted a vendor booth. The pieces match her aesthetic – ballerina-esque, sophisticated pieces often treated in lace, a high waist and thoughtful construction.

According to her site, Bendy Kate founded her Bendy Brand with “the aim to produce athletic wear and training equipment which truly combines style and function. Who better to design fitness clothing than the athletes themselves!”

We could not agree more.

My personal favorite set is this Marvel lace red edition set that comes with a halter style top that buttons behind the neck and high waisted shorts that double as a back warmer. To purchase this outfit and others like it, visit the Bendy Kate website here. Most pieces range from £36.00£42.00.

2. Vekker – Tiffany Jane Collection

Tiffany Jane collection Vekker pole wear

Ashley Anderson founded Vekker in 2014 after noticing a gap between the apparel being sold to pole dancers and the kind of fit needed for our dynamic sport. All Vekker apparel is made in California and produced by local vendors.

Vekker bottoms come in a variety of styles including high waisted, and cheeky varieties. Her newest collection hasn’t quite dropped yet, but we got a sneak peek from @tiffanyjanes Instagram, and can’t wait to see this ruched top and performance fit bottom. Most pieces run between $25-$55 and double as swimwear. You can purchase by clicking here.


3. Tiffany Rose from Cleo’s Rock n Pole

tiffany rose cleos rock and pole dark rose collection

Tiffany Rose Mockler is a representative for Cleo’s Rock n’ pole and recently launched her own pole line through the Cleo brand. Her dark rose collection includes a sports racer back mesh top with coverage suitable for all body types. The bottoms are a bikini fit perfect for any pole dancer and trickster alike.

The dark rose collection can be purchased at San Francisco Pole and Dance and through the Cleo’s website. The top runs for $49.99 and the ‘skanty’ pants for $24.95 and also available at San Francisco Pole & Dance, the Dark Rose collection’s exclusive in-house partner. 

4. RAD

RAD pole wear green velvet pole outfit

RAD is a pole fitness brand run out of Australia and nobody does velvet sets like they do. You can get high waisted shorts, bikini bottoms, choker neck tops and spagetti straps in a variety of colors. Click here to get this seasonal monica green set with a triangle top. Each piece runs about $35 (Australian).

5. Shimmy and Sparkle flamingo outfit

shimmy and sparkle pole outfit flamingos

Michelle Shimmy and Maddie Sparkle sell their Shimmy and Sparkle collection through their Pole Dance studio brand, Pole Dance Academy. This flamingo print crop top and shorts set runs about $55 per piece (plus int’l shipping) and doubles as a swimsuit. It is super soft and easy to move in. To purchase this and others, check out their page here.


Did I forget any great pole outfits? What are your favorites?

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