Elyse Ogara


Elyse is a hip hoppin’, hair tossin’, body rollin’, high energy style pole dancer! And her background is definitely all of that.

She’s practiced a wide variety of dance forms from the sensual Argentine tango to the flips and dips of country swing. But, her strongest experience comes from formal dance teams. Not only did she dance for her high school and university teams but, she’s also was a pro dancer for the AFL’s Dallas Vigilantes and has performed at American Airlines center and with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders at the new Cowboys Stadium. After moving to SF, she made the final round of auditions for the Golden State Warriors dance team which led her to a spot on Vanity Dance, a high-heeled hiphop dance company.

As a pole dancer, Elyse began training in late 2009 when she took her first pole class. Training quickly turned to teaching in 2010 and she continues to teach all over the Bay Area today. Thats 7 years teaching!

Her pole teaching expertise is in body technique, big & momentous twirl combos, LA style choreo, and strength moves. She’s won a couple titles at PSO’s Southern Pole and Pacific Pole Championships. Performances include Miss Texas Pole Star, SF’s Volare Variety, Dance Filthy USA, and is on her third PoleShow LA.

Personal site: www.movewithme.co

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