pole dance move inside leg hang #pdinsideleghang gemini scorpio


This month’s move of the month is inside leg hang, also known as scorpio or gemini. You can search Instagram for variations of this move by searching #pdinsideleghang #pdgemini or #pdscorpio

Check out a video of instructor Amy, performing the basic instruction for an outside leg hang.

A couple of things to note:

  1. As you perform your inversion, you should keep your outside hand on top, but no higher than your eyebrows. A lot of beginners have a tendency to reach too high, which actually makes this move harder to nail.
  2. Once you’ve performed your inversion, lift your hips up so that you don’t get your top hand stuck under your leg on the pole. The hip lift helps get your hips over your hand so that you can drop your hand in an elegant and clean manner.
  3. Aim to straighten your back leg as far back behind you and as straight as possible. May beginner level students have a tendency to leave that back leg too high in the air. If you pretend like you are trying to prance your back leg to the ground with a straight knee and a pointed toe, you will be more likely to keep your lines clean, sharp, and most importantly, safe! You’ll also be able to start exploring your range of motion through your back leg and may even surprise yourself with how far down you can reach it!

Note that as we work on this move over the next month, we’d love to see your variations and artistic flair added to it! Tag #sfpoleanddance in your videos so that we can share variations and work on inside leg hang together!

Next month, we’ll post a round up of all the cool variations that you share!