Amy Bond

ceo, POLE, LYRA, SILKS, HANDSTANDS, CHOREOGRAPHY, Russian Exotic, Active Flexibility

Amy Bond(she/her/they/them) is the owner and founder of San Francisco Pole and Dance. She has been competing in PSO level events since 2012, when she entered her first competition and did a back walkover right off the stage! Amy has been teaching pole and aerial for over 4 years and opened San Francisco Pole and Dance in May, 2016.

Amy has competed in 8 competitions to date. She is the 2016 semi-pro Pole Theatre Pole Comedy division winner, and also competed in the 2017 Pole Theatre Pole Comedy professional division. She has performed around San Francisco in everything from So You Think You Can Lapdance, where she won season III, episode 7 and won second in the season III finale, to Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.

She teaches pole, lyra, aerial silks, gymnastics, and sexy choreography. When asked which one she likes the most, it’s the artistic and performance side of pole dancing. She can’t wait to share it with you!

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