Alyssa Fong Instructor at San Francisco Pole and Dance

Alyssa Fong


Alyssa is a San Francisco native and started dancing in 2008 in freestyle hip hop, specifically waacking and voguing. She practiced it for four years, and it was there that she learned to enjoy using music as a tool to express herself through movement.   Her first pole class was at Studio Botan in 2014, and she fell in love with the strength and elegance of the dance as well as how accepting the community was.

She tried her first lyra class in late 2016 and and it was love at first pike. With teaching, she hopes to show students the freedom of expressing themselves through movement and learn that their dance is unique to themselves which is a beautiful thing.

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Intro to Lyra


Come try our newest apparatus at the studio - the lyra! Lyra is a large metal aerial hoop that hangs about 5 feet off of the ground. We will condition, incorporating aerial strength training, active flexibility and aerial dance choreography into the class. This intro to lyra class is for people who have zero experience with lyra and on an aerial apparatus. *Please wear yoga pants, tank top and socks to make sure that you're body is covered during the class.

  • Mermaid/Merman
  • Knee Hangs
  • Inversion Prep