San Francisco Pole and Dance instructor Carlie LeDuc

Carlie Leduc


Carlie has been pole dancing since 2012. As someone who has always wanted to fly, pole is the closest experience she has come to it! She has competed in 7 PSO events, medaling in 4. Her dance style is eclectic with a background in West African, Salsa, and Modern dance.

Carlie loves the way pole has given her greater confidence and pride in her body and she loves sharing that with others!

Upcoming Classes

Pole II

M, Th

Pole 2 is for anyone who can climb to the top of the pole and perform an inversion on the ground. In Pole 2, we'll develop strength and condition to start going upside down, inverting to outside and inside leg hangs. We will develop new movements such as crucifix, teddy hold, side climbs, and jasmine.

  • Inside Leg Hang (Scorpio)
  • Rockstar Spin
  • Spin Climb