Kimmy Fitz San Francisco Pole and Dance


Pole, Sexy Choreo, Spin Pole

Kimmy Fitz has been pole dancing since 2010, when she started dancing at Poletential, now Inpsiration Studios. Kimmy started competing in 2013 at PSO’s L2 Championship division. She now competes at the Pro level and has two national pro titles – Pro Artist Nationals 2nd place in 2015, and Pro Artistic Nationals 2nd place in 2016. She also won 2nd place at the first Golden Gate Pole Championships Women’s pro division in 2017. Beyond pole dancing, Kimmy enjoys wrapping people in sparkly elastic through her company, Ruby by Kim B.

Instagram: itskimmyyyb

Upcoming Classes

Booty and Boudior

Pole, Sexy Choreography

Booty and Boudoir is your chance to release your inner lion, or snake, or hedgehog, or whatever your spirit-animal-goddess-mover is. We'll develop between 1-2 minutes of choreography to a song. Heels and kneepads are strongly encouraged but not required.

  • Spins
  • Heel Clacks
  • Hair Tossing
  • Booty Bouncing