Michelle Cooper Instructor Flexibiity at sf pole and dance

Michelle Cooper


Michelle fell in love with contortion style flexibility as a way to tone and shape the body. She started stretching as an adult, and with regular practice, went from a tall triangle to beautifully flat square splits in only 6 months time! She loves to share what she has learned and see her students make progress. Michelle will guide you through splits and back flexibility work, provide gentle pushing to square and deepen your splits and help you develop technique through a standardized set of contortion warm ups and drills that will help you get ready to bend!

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Training flexibility is necessary to maintain and improve your overall range of motion. In this class you will learn to do it safely and effectively. If you want to get your splits, have beautiful backbends, or just feel good in a healthy body, then this is the class for you! We'll work on splits and backbends as well as some inversions if the time allows.

  • Front Splits
  • Backbends
  • Pancake