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Nate James

Nate James began his journey as a self-taught student of the world, chasing dreams of grandeur! His experience is primarily in aerial and flexibility, however he has ADHD and finds other circus disciplines and extra curricular activities that keep him well rounded in his practice. He has a well rounded background, as well, from opera and musical theater, to drag and improv, to fully fledged circus freak working as a free lance artist, and for a small touring company. He moved to Budapest, HU for a year to pursue his dreams, and studied, taught, and performed aerial at the National Circus School of Hungary. He most recently finished a contract as an aerialist with Cirque du Soleil in the DR.

Currently he is in the Bay Area and training and creating!!!

He’s excited to share with, and learn from you!

Instagram: natejamescirque

Upcoming Classes

Intro to Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

M, T

In Intro to Lyra, you'll condition on our aerial hoop. During this class you'll work on circus conditioning, getting your muscles ready to go upside down. After the warm-up, you'll move onto the hoop learning basic poses like mermaid/merman, knee hang, inversion preparation, lady/man on the moon, and more.

  • Moon Gazer
  • Knee Hangs
  • Merperson