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Seanmichael Polaris


Seanmichael Polaris is an international performance artist with a penchant for rotational inertia and a rebellious attitude toward gravity. With an ethereal movement quality and otherworldly command of rigid aerial apparatuses like pole and cube, his work has been described by humans as “extraterrestrial ballet” and by extraterrestrials as “not too bad.”Seanmichael Polaris has been a stage explorer for more than 27 years with recent notable engagements including an aerial performance in Britney Spears’ music video “Make Me,” performing alongside famed DJ, Moby, a residency at The Galaxy Resort in Macau, and as a principle cast member in The Vespertine Circus, in San Francisco. He is a founding member of Flux Vertical Theater and Manarchy Male Revue.

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Upcoming Classes

Pole 3


This L3 class is for students who have been pole dancing for more than 6 months and have mastered an outside and inside leg hang from the ground, basic superhero pose and butterfly position. We will work on conditioning strength and power, and develop our pole dancers toolbox learning foundational movement such as jade splits, iguana, flag, Juliet spin, brass monkey and more.

  • Juliet Spin
  • Brass Monkey
  • Jade Splits