Shelly Ann Instructor at San Francisco Pole and Dance

Shelly Ann


Shelly has been an instructor for over 4 years and has taught at Miami Pole Dance (FL), Boston Pole Fitness (MA) and Allure in Los Angeles (CA). She has taken workshops with Felix Cane, Alethea Austin, Pantera, Jenyne Butterfly and other elite pole athletes in an effort to improve the way she teaches and learns. Shelly’s motto is centered on “progress not perfection” and respects that everyone’s journey toward their fitness goal is different.


Upcoming Classes

Sexy Choreography


In this sexy choreography class, you will learn a choreographed routine incorporating drop splits, leg waves, kips and threading. This class will help you learn control, coordination, and proper execution of dance elements. Learn to slink and slither in a style often referred to as 'aggressive sensual'. Bring your heels, and knee pads or borrow some of ours. NOTE: This class is not suitable for beginners who have never taken a pole class before.

  • Drop Splits
  • Leg Waves
  • Kips