Tiffany Rose Mockler San Francisco Pole and Dance Instructor

Tiffany Rose Mockler

Pole, Choreography

Tiffany Rose Mockler is a former National Champion for Synchronized Swimming and found Pole Dance in 2010. She has competed and performed around the world. She is the current Pole Championship Series Silver Medalist and a cast member in Tonya Kay’s Pin Up Pole Show in Los Angeles. She is also a online instructor for Cleo’s Rockin’ Pole and teaches in both Northern and Southern California. She loves sharing the art of Pole dance with others.

Instagram: tiffanyrosepoledancer

Upcoming Classes

Advance Pole


Pole 5 is our most advanced level and a pre-professional class. Pole 5 students tend to have multiple years of pole under their belts, feel comfortable performing an aerial shoulder mount, a backbend hold on the ground and handsprings. Pole 5 students will focus on creating combinations on static and spin incorporating dynamic floorwork and ballistic movement on the pole.