Yoko Taketani

Pole Foundations, Pole L5 (Advance), Pole Choreography

Yoko Taketani has been a classical ballerina from the age of six. She began pole dance training at Studio Polish, Tokyo, in 2009, and has been instructing since 2010. Yoko’s pole performances include Pole Dance All Stars 2013, Japan Pole Exhibition 2014; Miss Pole Dance Japan 2012&2014; US National Championship 2013; Pole Theatre Sydney 2014; Pole Classic at Pole Expo 2015; Pole Theatre Japan 2015 Guest Performance and the Felix Cane Pole Championships 2015. She teaches L3 and L4 as well as contemporary choreography at SFPD.

Instagram: yokotaketani929

Upcoming Classes

Pole Choreography


Learn new choreography to the songs that you love the most! This class is open level. Here, we focus on infusing your tricks routine with new floorwork, spins and body waves. Dance styles include contemporary, hip hop and the ballet-inspired. Feel free to bring your favorite pair of heels for this class, some knee pads and leg warmers.